// Class: Major Studio 1
// Location: D12
// Instructor: Richard The



7-in-7 is an seven-days experimental design challenge that we are asked to product a series of design in a week. The questions had been discussed in design process are:

- When do you know that a project is finished?
- How does the framing, contest, scope, parameters determined the       
   content created?
- What is the relationship between concept and execution?



Ideas \

1. “Sense 7” 

Sense 7 is a concept design includes seven begs with varying functions that serve different purposes. The design approach will be using seven basic human senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, proprioception and vestibular sensations as the concept of designing an unique bag. The formats and materials will be supporter of those concepts. My project goal is to redefine the meaning of an exciting product by challenging old-fashioned association and exploring new functionality.

3. “Code Like A Visual Designer” 

Code Like a Visual Designer will be a code visualization poster series helping designer's understanding and memory of code. As a visually oriented person, I am more comfortable communicating in images. Therefore, studying coding, which is words and numbers based language is a challenge for me. For helping myself effectively adopt into the coding world, I will use visual designer's way-of-thinking to reveal and visualize the connection between the lines of code by utilizing graphics, typography, and color. The deliverables will be 7 posters that I can easily access to remain my coding knowledge whenever I need.  


3. “What If ” 

What If will be a seven-day user experience testing and designing practice. I will test a digital product on a daily basis to get the existing frustration of using the translation tools within the product. My design goal is to elevate the translation tools or features of those digital products to help the virtual users to gain a more intuitive language learning experience.


Day 1 \ Taste


Taste is the concept of day one forests an eatable bag that made out
of chocolate.

Based on experience of mine and friends of mine, as girls, we tend to faint if we have no enough sugar because of hypoglycemia, also called low blood sugar. Drinking or eating high-sugar beverage or food can help relieve symptoms. My Day 1 beg is made for those girls. This design is a conceptual and experimental that meanly exploring the novel materials for making a beg without over thinking of fundamental functions and maintenance.

Due to the constraint of time, my approach is to use normal and easy accessible home subjects as my tools, which are freezer bags, paper, bowl, spoon, microwave, and refrigerator. Future iteration can focus on the refinement of craftsmanship and functionality.

Day 2 \ Smell


Smell is Day 2 concept that generated a perfume making beg. I approached this project from the lens of a package designer. Having multiple begs functions like Lego that can be assembled based on your needs. White boxes are customized to fit perfume samples. Black wire is used to tighten the white boxes and also creates dynamic thin black line patterns on the surface. The non-perfect straight wire line that has the roughness quality of a pen stroke gives the bag an cartoony look.

The future development can focus on the technical feature of auto-spread. This feature can mix and match the perfume for different purposes based on the location or occasion.

Day 3 \ Sight


Sight is the concept for day three rain beg that utilizes an illusion effects to give a playfulness into fashion accessories. The Inside of the beg is made of paper and outside is made of plastics, which prevents inside beg getting wet in a raining day. The visual illusion happens when inside and outside overlap. The word Sunny gets disappeared and word Raining stays. It also implies the erasing power of water.

Day 4 \ Proprioception


Proprioception is the day four concept has been applied on an novel beg that make by an hydrogen balloon. The definition from Oxford Dictionary for proprioception is “perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body”. It is sometimes described as the "sixth sense" as well. I used hydrogen balloon as the medium to visualized the six sense. The lightness of balloon and intangible air in the middle somehow represent the mystery of sixth sense and invisible power of a human being. This is also a practices of push the boundary of definition of a word, which inspired by Magritte.

Day 5 \ Hearing


Hearing is day 5’s concept. This earrings beg design marries charging device and wearable accessories to help AirPods’ users gain a seamless hearing experience. It not only solves problem of losing by having charging case close to your earphone, also provides an futurism to your fashion outlook.


Day 6 \ Touch


Touch is the concept for day 6 that cultivates a beg made of fur swatches. The collage technical that has been applied sewed different fur materials that enable the toucher feels varies textures. Beyond the fashion and function of a beg, I was exploring the field of “pet therapy, which is a growing field that uses dogs or other animals to help people recover from or better cope with health problems, such as heart disease, cancer and mental health disorders.” The people who has pets allergy can’t receive this kind of therapy treatment. Therefore, I inspired to make this beg to fake the feeling of touching a pet.


Day 7 \ Vestibular


Vestibular is day seven’s concept that related to balance, so the bag for day seven is a beg will never fall. Simply using the idea of an tumbler to keep the beg stand still without giving an extra support.


Other Design Work