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Blackout 2003

A 32’x20’ infographic poster about 2003 Blackout.
It consolidates the whole event by integrating main events with graphics, maps and narratives. 

Product: Infographic Poster
Instructor: Stephen Farrell
Class: Envisioning Information
Teammate: Nini Lin


Design Process \


We started off gaining a holistic picture of the 2003 Blackout event by reading Final Report from U.S.-Canada Power System Outage Task Force.

Then we gathered into 2 people group and discussed about the events. During white-boarding session, we visualized events on printed maps and the draft layout of the poster. Afterwards, we collaboratively worked on content writing, map illustration, icon design and visual narrative.

Our goal is to first efficiently educate viewer with the general power knowledge, which is helpful for understanding the event; then inform them the details of the event by walking them through engaging and thoughtfully designed comprehensible infographic poster.


Closeup \


Full Map \


Other Design Work